Why PhoenixTac?

Phoenix Tactical Gear was born as a solution for Airsofters, Gun Enthusiasts and Milsim Players all around Europe. Been able to bring you the most adaptable, comfortable and modular products is our mission and our personal satisfaction as well, see customers ready to go and developing proper skills in the gamefield  reminds us, "What is all this about".

Been Airsofters ourself give us an advantage to manufacture our products, because we just not try all the gear ourself we also have always in mind the needs and specific requirements that the game demands.

Our MindSet includes not just a good holster or mag carrier, not only a hard made belt, is about the whole concept put it together to accomplish the user needs. 

Every PhoenixTac product is made to provide the faster response to any situation, avoiding complex or intricate mechanisms because "More Complex means more chances to something get wrong".

PhoenixTac MindSet includes practices over and over again, not until you get it right, you need to pass that stage and practice until you get it wrong.

All our gear, Alpha, Delta Holsters and Dual Mag Carriers are made with the very same "Kydex T" use in the Holsters industry to make top quality products.

For last we also like to remember that each holsters is made with the specification provided by the user itself, resulting a individual experience for each Airsofter. 

Phoenix Tactical Gear

"Ignite the Battle"